Pockies Celebrates Singles Day

In the lead-up to Singles Day, Pockies, known for their Couch Couture, unveils their 'Good Times' campaign celebrating the perks of being single. The campaign has generated an unprecedented 500% increase in website visitors by making an unconventional choice: launching the campaign on adult websites.
Michiel Dicker

Pizza for Breakfast
The 'Good Times' campaign highlights the freedoms that characterize single life: having the house to yourself, pooping with the door open, holding a 'Die Hard 2' marathon, pondering about the Roman Empire unrestrained, and eating pizza for breakfast.

Launch on Adult Websites
Singles seeking happiness on adult sites in the coming days will be surprised by Pockies content in honor of Singles Day. Before their favorite video starts playing, they will be treated to multiple tips and examples of the benefits of being single.

Additional Discounts
Too To give singles an extra spotlight, they are pampered with a 25% discount on all purchases over €70. The offer applies to the entire range of Pockies, including boxer shorts with pockets, pajamas, and tracksuits, perfect for spending the day in one's own company.

November 11
The "Solo Indulgence" is a nod to single life and all its benefits. Singles Day on November 11 is symbolically chosen because of its representation of individuals who are strong alone. Pockies invites everyone celebrating their solo status to join in this day of self-love with loungewear designed for the ultimate comfort of being alone.

Over Pockies

Pockies started out in 2015 as a joke among friends when they created the first ever boxer shorts with pockets. Beyond all expectations, the first batch of underwear sold within no time laying the foundation to built their brand around their vision for Couch Couture. Pajamas, joggers, tees, thick socks and more followed and they have made it their personal life goal to spread comfort all over the planet